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Canada, Alaska and Hawaii 2013

A 3,5 months long trip and our longest one so far. Starting in Vancouver where we bought an old minived, we drove to Vancouver Island for some seakayaking with Orcas. Than we continued to Alaska all the way to the Arctic ocean. On the way we spent time on two seakayaking trips. First one was to Wrangell island and paddling to the unbelievable Anan bear observatory. The second was to one of the best places to go seakayaking with whales in the world - an amazing place close to Hoonah, one of the smaller towns on the archipelago.
Afterward we drove the legendary Dalton highway, one of the most abandoned roads in the world, to Brokes Range, the northernmost mountain range there is. Here we hiked for 9 days in total wilderness at the beginning of Autumn and than continued further north to the Arctic Ocean. From Deadhorse we flew to Kaktovik to take part in traditional eskymo whaling and to enjoy all the polar bears who come to demand their share of the catch. From Kaktovik we started going south, visit Denali National Park, enjoyed sightseeing tours to an amazing glacier bay in Whittier on a boat where Michal used to work 8 years ago and than went further south exploring a few more locations including our favourite city of Seward. Finally, after a long drive to Canada and seeing the incredibly scarce Wood buffallo, we could sell the car in Vancouver and fly to Hawaii to have a bit of rest after the challenging travel.

South America 2012

We spent in South America almost three month. The main destinations of this journey were Valdés peninsula and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, Galápagos Islands and Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.

From this trip we have brought many experiences with sea lions, whales, jungle animals such as anaconda, otters, ara parrots or anteater. We had also a chance to view the puma mother with three cubs in Torres del Paine or spent one day with elephant seals close to Valdés.

One of the strongest parts of our trip was the last week we paddled on Shiripuno river, one of the springs of Amazon river where the wild indian tribes Tagaeri and Taromenane live.

All our photos and videos from South America are in the Gallery or on our facebook page.

Florida 2011

We travelled in Florida during one month at the end of the year 2011. The main goals of the trip were seakayaking in Everglades National Park and the freediving with manatees.

Eventually, our plans were exceeded... Probably as the first czech travellers we paddled in two single seakayaks through Everglades swamps. The whole trip was approx. 180 km long and took 8 days in the wilderness without any source of drinking water. All days we were accompanied by sharks, alligators and crocodiles circling our kayaks.

The rest of our trip we were exploring the peninsula - trekking in swamps, scuba diving in Florida Keys, freediving with wild manatees in Crystal River or visiting Cape Canaveral.

All our photos and videos from Florida are in the Gallery or on our facebook page.

Mallorca 2010 - rock climbing trip

We came to Mallorca with our friends on Christmas 2010 to spend 10 days climbing. Owing to a very good system of highways in the island, we were able to drive from the main town to any climbing location in one hour. We enjoyed both single and multi pitch routes, but the best of all where those located directly next to the sea.

Regarding Mallorca as a small island, we can recommend climbing on this island for no more than one or two weeks.

Alaska 2010

Our honeymoon and a great adventure in Alaskan wilderness. We travelled in Alaska one month altogether. We spent 11 days seakayaking in Aialik Bay with whales, seals and sea lions, paddling among icebergs.

We met a lot of black bears and grizzly bears. A black bear tore our tent while we were sleeping inside or a grizzly bear with two cubs came close when we were cooking a dinner.

Most of the time we spent in the south, in Kenai Fjords National Park. Then we hitchhiked to Wrangel-St. Elias National Park and Denali National Park in the central part of Alaska.

All our photos from Alaska are in the Gallery or on our facebook page.

Indonesia 2009

One month long trip to the real jungle and info the beatiful sea life in Indonesia. We started in Banda Aceh on the north of Sumatra Island, then travelled over Java, Bali, Lombok and Komodo to Flores.

We were watching orangutans in the jungle on Sumatra, taking pictures of Komodo dragons, the largest lizard in the world living in Komodo Islands, or freediving with manta rays. Finally, we got engaged on the top of Rinjani, the active vulcano.

All our photos from Indonesia are in the Gallery or on our facebook page.

South African Republic 2008

In South African Republic was Michal in 2008. The main highlights of the trip were freediving with Dusky sharks and black tip reef sharks close to Durban and climbing on the famous local rocks.

Michal wrote an article about rock-climbing in JAR for the most visited Czech climbing web-portal (only in czech) - available on www.lezec.cz.

Previous trips

Trips before we met each other:

  • 2 month in Kenya

  • 5 month in Alaska

  • summer and winter crossings in Norway (Hardangervidda, Jotunheimen, Lofoty, Finmarka...)

  • freediving in Canary Islands

  • trekking in many european mountains

  • ...many others

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