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A few words of introduction

Jana a Michal Tylovi - o násOur hearts lie with wildlife photography, adventure travel and outdoor sports. Whenever possible, we benefit from our adventure racing experience and try to get as far from civilisation as possible to be able to photograph animals in their natural environment without protective barriers.

Mostly its just the two of us travelling on seakayaks, with Jana a Michal Tylovi - o násdiving gear or carrying climbing equipment. Jana is the one chasing away bears and seakayaking among whales while Michal takes the pictures.

Our photographs have been published in major media around the world from Europe over USA to China. We are also succesful in large photo competitions including the most imprtant one: Wildlife Photographer Jana a Michal Tylovi - o násof the Year, where we managed to reach the final round.

Currently, we are both members of a team of adventurers representing a majer Czech outdoor sports retailer Rock Point and Michal is one of the "faces" of Foto Skoda, the largest photography center in CEE.

In our daily life we produce digital maps and run a Czech outdoor sports social network Outfanatic.com, which we founded.

We hope that you will enjoy our photographs and that they will inspire you in your own journeys and adventures.

Jana & Michal Tyl

Our experience


  • Extreme hike thorugh the world's northernmost mountain range -  Brooks Range in Alaska - in extreme conditions (probably the first Czechs hiking through the chosen location)

  • Seakayaking adventure to see and meet orcas in British Colombia, Canada

  • Joining Alaskan Eskimos during their whaling tradition, participating in the whale harvesting and taking close-up pictures of polar bears scavenging on the whale carcass (probably the first Czechs in this location)

  • Seakayaking adventure to see Grizzly bears close to Wrangell Island in Alaska

  • Seakayaking trip to a place in Alaska with on of the highest concentrations of humpback whales in the world (probably the first Czechs in this location)

  • Crossing Alaska south to north by car through polar wasteland all the way to the arctic ocean

  • Paddling through a dangerous area in Amazonia where one of the last wild indian community live (probably as the first czech travellers)

  • Seakayaking through Everglades National Park  among  alligators, crocodiles and sharks – 200 km in 8 days without any source of drinking water (probably as the first czech travellers)

  • Seakayaking in Alaska with whales and bears (probably as the first czech travellers in the area of Aialik Bay)

  • Watching the fight between elephant seals in Patagonia from the distance of 3 metres

  • Freediving with wild fur sealions in Argentina

  • Freediving in Galápagos Islands

  • Watching a wild puma with 3 cubs in Patagonia

  • Trekking in Florida swamps full of snakes and alligators

  • Many experiences with black bears and grizzly bears in Alaska

  • ... and much more

Other achievements
  • Michal is the author of idea and business concept for Prima Zoom, the most scuccesfully launched TV channel from the beginning of TV digitalisation in Czech Republic

  • We reached the finals of "Wildlife Photographer of the year" the most important wildlife photo competition in the world

  • Pictures in Czech and World media from Nature Magazines over Czech Television to one of the world largest news portals - ABC News
  • We are members of a team sponsored by a major Czech outdoor sports retailer Rock Point (6 sponsored  adventurers and 1 dog)

  • Michal is one of the faces of a photo company Foto Škoda, one of the Europes's largest Photography retailers

  • Founders of Outfanatic.com, Czech outdoor sports social network

  • Our map of Prague outdoor sports was nominated for the Map of the year 2012 by the Czech Cartographic Society

  • Several medals from extreme races (see below)


Our racing awards


  • Jana & Michal Tylovi - Our racing awards2nd: Czech Republic Adventure Race Championship (Michal)
  • 5th: Czech Republic Rogaining Championship - 24 hour mountain orienteering, approx. 120 km run (Michal)
  • 1st & 2nd: Generali Survival - Czech Republic national University championship - 24 hour adventure racing (Michal)
  • Diving into the depth of 42 m on a single breath (Michal)Jana & Michal Tylovi - Our racing awards
  • 2nd a 3rd: Generali Survival - OPEN cathegory - 24 hour adventure racing (Jana a Michal)
  • 2nd: Czech Republic national University Championship in 3 day non-stop Adventure racing
  • 1st: 12hr Rogaining Championship - 12 hour mountain orienteering (Michal)Jana & Michal Tylovi - Our racing awards

  • 3rd: EPO Adidas Terrex Survival - 13 hour adventure racing (Jana a Michal)
  • 2nd: Mountain marathon in Novohradské mountains (Jana)
  • 2nd: HI-TEC survival - aprox. 6 hour adventure racing (Jana a Michal)
  • 2x 1st and 1x 2nd: "Sazava River Hardman" - 21 km cross county running, 74 km MTB, 16 km canoeing / kayaking (Jana a Michal)
  • 2nd: "Sazava river Trilogy" - 15 km cross county running, 16 km canoeing / kayaking, 25 km MTB (Michal)
  • 3rd place: Brutus extreme orienteering - 2 day mountain orienteering (Michal)

Our webs and projects


GIScom - geoinformation solutions

Provider of complete GIS solutions in the field of specialised static and interactive maps, geographic analyses, remote sensing and other GIS areas.


For all those who love adventure, travel and outdoor we founded OutdoorVisit.com, an online portal for simple booking of amazing outdoor activities around the world, whether glacier exploring in Iceland, kayaking in the Costa Brava or whale-watching in the Azores.


Outdoor sports social network

Outdoor map of Prague

Outdoor map of Prague is a part of the website project Outdoor in Prague. You can use it to find where to kayak, climb, run, bike or do any other outdoor activity in Prague and its surroundings. The map includes many useful functions such as find a route, find a place using address or GPS, printing and many others.

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