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30/05/2018, the easiest way to book amazing outdoor activities around the world

For all those who love adventure, travel and outdoor we founded OutdoorVisit, a website for simple booking of amazing outdoor activities around the world.

Whether you are planning glacier exploring in Iceland, kayaking in the Costa Brava or whale-watching in the Azores, we make sure you will find the best local provider on our website, without the hassle of extensive search, review comparison or complicated payments and cancellations.  

Why we love how it works? Because we hand-pick every single experience with great care, so that you don´t have to. We understand all the small issues of booking an outdoor experience, whether it's about the right type of shoes or taking your kids along, and we will be more than happy to guide you to an experience of a lifetime.

Kayaking tour in the Costa Brava from BarcelonaWe focus on activities, things to do and tours, all within outdoor sports such as runing, biking, freediving, surfing, hiking, climbing, kayaking... you name it.

Check out the following links for inspiration or you might as well spend some time exploring our outdoor blog, such as discovering the best outdoor activities in Madeira. 

Outdoor activities and tours in Iceland
Outdoor activities and tours in the Canary Islands
Outdoor activities and tours in Azores Islands
Outdoor activities and tours in Barcelona
Outdoor activities and tours in Prague

...or have a look at the full list of destinations on


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